long range baby monitor

Long Range Baby Monitor

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Long range baby monitor

Deafness, or hearing impairment is by definition a partial or total inability to hear. On other hand babies cry. It’s how they communicate hunger, pain, fear, and much more. They can feel too cold or too hot, they maybe need diaper changed, they need to burb or they maybe just feel like crying. Children safety is one of most important things for parents. While most of us can simply hear them when they awake in their cribs at night, deaf people cannot. No mistake – deaf people don’t differ in any way in raising their child from other parents – they can soothe their babies in the same caring way!
Technology comes to the aid here! It made possible for manufacturers to create baby monitors for deaf people with some neat features. Baby Monitors For Deaf and Hard of Hearing are important in the first months of your baby’s life, and definitely worth investing in. It is not necessary to buy an expensive baby monitor. The best thing for you is to realize your possible need for it. A deaf Mother often doesn’t even need any electronics to stay in tuned to her baby – she can Long often sense when her baby is crying and needs her and that is what “Motherly Instinct” is all about. Purpose of this article is to present the awareness of several challenges that deaf people must cope with when having a baby and show some actual baby monitors you can put into good use!

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Special features you should consider when buying:
When you ask a random person what does he think when you tell him to name you a feature that defines a baby monitor, he will probably say “audio signal”. Not far from the truth since most of baby monitors have this feature. It is of course a different story when a deaf person has to buy baby monitor for his baby. Luckily for us, the technology today for baby monitors for deaf people is fairly evolved and has to offer much more than audio signal. Vibrating alarm and/or a flashing light system is the way to go. These added features alert the deaf parent every time the baby is in need of attention. Some baby monitors even also have LCD screens that allow you to literally look over your baby. This is especially valuable to deaf parents since what they lack in hearing, they can make up for in visual observation.
Which technical data should you pay attention to? We could divide this section into “relevant technical data” and “not-so-relevant technical data”. Really important technical data is:

Things you must consider when purchasing a long range baby monitor

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  • Vibrating alarm and/or a flashing light system
    If you are a tight sleeper, only flashing light system sometimes won’t do. It is best if your baby monitor involves bot vibrating alarm and flashing light system.
  • Operating range
    If you have a big house, this is important issue for you. You wouldn’t want to lose signal in the time of need. Our opinion is that you should look for a long range baby monitor that has at least 300 meters of reach in clear line of sight and at least 100 meters with walls indoors.
  • Sound and/or Picture Quality
    Look for baby monitors which offer high audio clarity with little static. A good monitor should give you the ability to adjust the volume and the microphone sensitivity (so you don’t wake up every time your baby coughs a little!)
    Why “not-so-relevant technical data”? Because these are additional features that you can do without if you want to. They consist of:
  • 2-way talk
    If you want to, you can just talk back to your baby. But wouldn’t you rather talk to him face to face?
  • Room temperature display
    Is it 22 degrees or is it 23 degrees? Quite irrelevant. Just think in logical way and keep your baby somewhere between 19 and 23 degrees.
  • Lullabies
    Yes, you read it right. Baby monitors can sing as well. But your voice is much more soothing, believe us!
  • You name other features here…
    Today you can find almost anything on the market. If there is a demand, you can be sure that someone will provide you the best long range baby monitor for that demand!