best electric scooters for kids

Best Electric Scooter for Kids that Adults Can Use Too

Electric scooters are so much fun. As a mum living in Australia we have so much wide open space they are great for kids.

The best electric scooter for kids depends on your budget really.

You can get cheap models on ebay but believe me, they really are not reliable. But are good to test the waters with.

We discovered our first electric scooter by using the Scooter Select site, they helped us choose the best electric scooter for our whole family to use.

best electric scooter ever in 2019 and beyond

Me and my kids have used electric scooters a very long time now, so here are our top pics.

We have used them all and know what we are talking about.

Top Rated Electric Scooters for Kids and Adults to Use

Razor E200

Razor RX200

Razor E300S – Best with Seat

Razor E100

Razor Pocket Mod Electric Scooter

Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter

Razor E300


Razor E125

Razor E325

UberScoot 1000w

Pulse Performance Reverb

We highly recommend the Pulse Performance Reverb as the best electric scooter for kids to use.

The scooter charges up fast in a few hours and has a long ride time of around 5 hours, it’s the best by a long run for kids to use.